How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

by Prathamesh Gad


Affiliate marketing programs are a good source of earning money. Nowadays, most of the work has been done online. People also get benefit from this and get a chance to do something new.

Do you also want to earn money by working online from home? So know how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a very good way to earn money from Websites,  blogs or Youtube Channel  .
Through this, the blogger can get involved in affiliate marketing programs of a particular company and sell their products through the website.

So that Blogger gets commission from the company of that product, And you get commission according to product, Receiving the commission depends on the product, which type of product it is. 

Affiliate Marketing is a very easy and good way to online earn money, many people are also making money through it. Today, most people are generating income by doing online work.

If you furthermore may want to earn income from Affiliate Marketing, then this is often a really good option.

 If you want, you can also do Affiliate Marketing Jobs. On the Internet, you will get many Affiliate Marketing Jobs which you can do as per your choice.

Let us now understand this in even simpler terms. 

For example, if a person joins an affiliate program and promotes their products on his sources such as a blog or website, then it is called Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing Programs?

The company, which wants to sell his products or promote his products, launches its affiliate marketing program. And offers people to connect with their program.

There are many Companies that run Affiliate Marketing Programs through the Internet. Of which Amazon, Flipkart, Hostgator, Bluehost, jvzoo, clickbank  are the most prominent Examples of Affiliate Marketing Programs.

These companies give good commission to Affiliate Partners to sell their products. this is often called Affiliate Marketing Programs

How Affiliate Marketing Work?

Suppose you read a recommendation about mobile on a blog and buy a mobile phone from Amazon.

In such a situation, when that sale is completed, Amazon gives a commission or referral fee to that blogger. because they can track through cookies where the traffic on their website came from.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

You can start wherever you want, For this you must have a website, blog or YouTube channel. Which has better quality traffic or visitors.

After that, the company that launches the affiliate program, there you have to register your website, blog or YouTube channel. After registering, you need to Generate affiliate links about a particular product which has matched to your website or blog. Then post that product on the website or blog  with an affiliate link.

After linking, that product is purchased by one of your visitors. Then you get a commission above that sale. 

This is how you can start affiliate marketing

How much Earn from Affiliate Marketing?

There is no fixed income or fixed monthly salary in affiliate marketing. Here, you will get a commission based on which company’s product, or which category of product you will sell.

Normally you can earn up to 15 – 30 thousand rupees every month from a good affiliate program.But if you have a lot of viewers or website traffic , then you can make an estimate for yourself how much can be earned from it.

Many big bloggers are earning crores of rupees from it. If you sell your product with strategy, it has more sales opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing In India

Do you know how Affiliate Marketing is in India…

By the way, affiliate marketing is also done in India. But only a few people in India know this online earning method.

India is the second largest internet user country in the world, Still, in India has not proved to be as good for Bloggers. But India is moving fast towards technology, in the future it can become a good way to earn money in India.

Friends, do you also have an interest in doing affiliate marketing? You also want to earn money by selling the product of a company.

There are many courses that you can learn Affiliate Marketing.

On the Internet, you will find many online courses that you can get good knowledge about Affiliate Marketing. To do Affiliate Marketing, you have to join the website who provides Affiliate Marketing Program.

It is very easy to join the Affiliate Program of these websites. For this, we have to be the first registrar to this website, After login, we can copy the link of any of their products from there and put them on our website.

And if a Visitor buys a product of that company’s website from your website, then you get his commission, you will not have to pay anything to the company instead.

If you want to know more about any company that offers you Affiliate Program, then you have to search on Google by putting the word Affiliate with the name of that company. If that company provide Affiliate Programs then you’ll get its link.

Top Affiliate Programs

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