How to Make Money with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

by Prathamesh Gad


Do you want to make money with Flipkart affiliate marketing in 2021?

As in some earlier articles, I have told you what Affiliate marketing is and how to earn money from it.
We will discuss what the Flipkart affiliate program is and how to make money from the Flipkart affiliate program in today’s post.

Flipkart, a successful e-commerce company in India, is told by the number of growing online buyers in India. is one of the top 10 most visited websites in India. offers a Flipkart Affiliate Program with the help of which you can earn money, or you can say that you can earn commission only by selling/promoting your products through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketers has made millions of money by promoting only Flipkart Products using the Flipkart Affiliate Program.
On Flipkart, you will earn the Flipkart Affiliate Commission according to the product category.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program?

The Flipkart affiliate means that when you help Flipkart promote Flipkart products, in return, Flipkart offers you some% of its profits as your commission. This is called Flipkart Affiliate Program.

For you, this is a great method to earn money. In this, you will only have to help Flipkart find more and more buyers.

You promote a product of your website or Facebook / Twitter page by putting a banner or link to the Flipkart website whenever a user clicks on the banner or link of the Flipkart website from your website or Facebook / Twitter page and makes a purchase from there. You get a commission for that by the company.
The more users click on the banner or link of the Flipkart website from your website, Facebook / Twitter page, the more commission you will earn. In today’s time, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money.

Flipkart is exceptionally transparent, and they are essentially clear about their commission rate from sales, Flipkart affiliate marketing commission ranges from 4% to 15%, depending on item classification.

How to Become a Flipkart Affiliate?

  • To create an account on this, you can start it by clicking on the link of Flipkart affiliate at If you are already registered in this, then login directly. And if you are new to this, you have to click on ‘Join Now For Free’.
  • Then to register, you will have to enter some essential information like email address, password etc. And some term and condition options will be given; also, you have to fill it. After this, you click on the register button.
  • You can check your email account to verify whether you have been successfully registered or not. Where you will match When it is verified, you can log in now.
  • After logging in, you click on account details, here you will have to give some information for your account, such as name, mobile number, address, email address, city, PIN code etc. Then you click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  • Similarly, by clicking on the website details, you will have to enter some information related to your website here, like the URL of your website, website type and monthly visits etc.
  • After this, you click on the payment detail, where you will have to tell how you will get the money. Here you have to give the name of your country and city, affiliate type, i.e. you are individual or working with a company, payee name, payment mode and your PAN number etc.
  • Then you click on account settings. From here, you can change your password, or if you want to delete the account, you can do that too.

Just! Your Flipkart affiliate account is ready to earn money !!!

How to generate Flipkart Affiliate Link for Specific Product:

The process of making money does not end after creating an affiliate account. You need people to buy the product using your affiliate id.
If you refer a product without generating an affiliate ID, you cannot earn anything.

Before referring to a product, convert the regular link to an affiliate link.

How to use Flipkart Affiliate Link Generator?

  • Go to the Flipkart affiliate site and sign in to your account. After the page is loaded, you will find a link generator at dashboard page.
  • Go to in a new tab and copy the web page URL of the product you want to refer to others.
  • Now, paste the copied URL into the toolbar and click on the “Go” button.
  • Once the affiliate URL is generated, click on the “Select” button and copy the URL. And now, you can share the affiliate URL of the product that you want to refer to.

Just! Start with your Flipkart affiliate account and earn some money !!

Flipkart Affiliate Payment

There are two ways of Flipkart Affiliate Program payment.

  1. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) – Once the threshold limit is reached, your earnings will be deposited in your bank account.
  2. Gift Voucher: You can monetize your gift voucher and use the voucher code when purchasing products in Flipkart.

If you choose EFT as a payment option, then the income will be sent to your bank account only after earning at least Rs 2500.

Today, friends learned what Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program is and how to make money from Flipkart Affiliate Program.
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