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Social Media Marketing: 7 books in 1 Price: $9.99 (as of 06/08/2021 23:40 PST- Details)

Throughout its pages you’re going to find out:

  • Facebook Advertising: How to make people on Facebook buying from your own advertising (in this book, the most comprehensive and updated guide on how writing “killer” Facebook Ads from A to Z)
  • Youtube Marketing: How to monetize people while they watching videos on Youtube (without making them skipping your ads)
  • Instagram for Business: How to turn “harmless” selfies into making-money machines (just a bunch of these “golden selfies” makes your whole paycheck)
  • Affiliate Marketing: How to easily get into one of the wealthiest business models ever just by following a proven step-by-step guide (which has already made other people wealthy)
  • Social Media and Personal Branding: How to turn yourself into a living brand (as a star) in order to make money just by breathing
  • Network Marketing: How to turn a network of people into your BIGGEST ATM EVER
  • Copywriting: How to use words for getting people doing what you want them to do (such as: “Buy”, “Sign up”, “Leave your email address”)Can’t wait to make money from the comfort and the warmth of your home, right?

BECOMING A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR 2020/2021. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEIZE IT? Lately, the world has been changed a lot: many companies have gone bankrupt and unemployment has risen.

Furthermore, smart working has taken on and the job’s face has changed forever. Yet, not all evil comes to harm…In fact, most of the wealth is now online, ready to be unlocked. By who? Social Media Marketers.
Social Media Marketers are the ones who possess the right skills to unlock the wealth stuck behind a laptop. They know how to monetize mains social platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram), turning them into their personal ATM.

It’s not difficult as it seems, not at all…Doing that doesn’t even require a degree in computer science, business, or creative writing.
All you have to do is just start, by being guided through the process step-by-step. This book gives you an understanding of how to monetize online, “speaking” in the easiest way possible (this book is for you even if you have never touched a laptop in your lifetime).

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