Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting Comparison

by Prathamesh Gad


Web hosting is your top service to get/post our information by a web server using an internet browser. This functions as a speech to retrieve the data located at this place from a large data-server. There are lots of choices for web hosting. Selecting the right hosting package is essential for your site to carry out correctly. When reviewing site hosting Packages, everything may seem somewhat overwhelming. Various Packages have many features and plenty of pricing choices. How do You know that is ideal for you and your site? Today, let’s look at the differences between shared hosting and wordpress hosting.


Shared hosting is one of the most frequent hosting packages. In shared hosting, thousands of sites are saved and hosted on a single server.

Shared hosting is much like leasing and living in an apartment. The apartment complex amenities are shared with everyone. When signing an apartment contract, you agree to explain the courtyard, playground, parking lot, and swimming pool. This is precisely the same for shared hosting. All users share the available resources with every ‘neighbor’ Every ‘neighbor’ has an allotted amount of resources that they can utilize. In shared hosting, these amenities will be CPU usage, memory, and disk space.

web hostingWordPress hosting is specially optimized to meet better WordPress performance and security. It is intended to host websites that are using the WordPress content management system.

WordPress is the most frequently used website builder and content management system in the world. It was launched in 2003, and since then, it’s been crucial to the website, making WordPress super popular 35% of all the web sites and 38.03 per cent of the top hundred thousand websites are wordpress based.

millions of doubters and haters who mainly criticize WordPress because of its bad low-speed security and low Google rankings.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

A shared host may be an inexpensive selection for new small business Owners and smaller sites.
Unlimited disk space is yet another benefit. It follows that if your site begins to rise, you won’t need to fret about your account getting overly full.

Shared hosting has many advantages, not just in terms of cost but also in features.

Unlike WordPress hosting, which is limited to the WordPress CMS, shared hosting permits you to use any CMS. Suppose you use Drupal, Magento. Shared hosting will support virtually all content management systems and web development programs.

What are the advantages of WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting provides an entirely new level of functionality to your site. As it only houses WordPress sites, the server can be optimized in this manner to permit innovative host caching. This allows your site to do at the most incredible possible speed. 
This rate optimization may enhance SEO which will ultimately improve your rank on Google, permitting you to be discovered by a lot more people.

WordPress hosting supplies auto-updates, ensuring more excellent protection while giving you one less thing to worry about regarding your business’ website.Additionally, with a controlled WordPress provider, you obtain a service team that not only knows WordPress but are specialists in it. 

Additionally, the WordPress host will save a great deal of effort and time by simply taking good care of basic website optimization for your benefit, so you don’t need to rely upon a ton of plugins to attain precisely the same outcome.

While plugins inside themselves are not bothersome, it is almost always a fantastic practice to utilize as few as you can for superior performance.
And you may make specific the WordPress hosting provider have carefully assessed the plugins to ensure that they have the maximum quality and are protected.

Despite all these measures, WordPress hosting provides typically free of charge automatic backups if something were to occur to your site.  This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that at any moment, you’re able to restore your site to what it had been previously. 

The simplicity and worry-free attributes make WordPress hosting stand out from other hosting packages.

What are the disadvantages of shared hosting?

Shared hosting may host several hundred sites on a single server, which may adversely influence your site’s general assets and rate.  

If your site goes viral and you get a massive traffic spike, your site will experience long load times because of resources being shared, resulting in downtime.

Another facet of shared hosting is safety. Since your site is on a server with several different sites, there is no way to ensure that all maintenance and security updates have been run across all websites. This opens a potential security risk to your site since you can’t handle other site’s safety or content management systems. 

Shared hosting Will not allow server customization Because of the Impact it May have on other Clients’ Sites, thereby requiring One to use the default server settings configured by Your Own hosting Business 

What are the disadvantages of WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is limited to hosting sites built using the WordPress content management platform, which means that every other CMS can not be hosted on WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting usually restricts the available quantity of disk space that you may utilize because of server setup.  Also, it can limit the number of sites that you host in your account.  This may be a drawback when you’ve got a site that’s large in proportion.

WordPress hosting also limits server customization compared to shared hosting since the host is highly optimized to permit the most excellent loading speeds.

And lastly, WordPress hosting generally costs over shared hosting.

What type of web hosting do I need?

To answer this question, let us look at your requirements and desires.

What type of web hosting do I need

Selecting a hosting package for your site is a significant choice. The right package will enable your site to perform together with the best speed and functionality.

  • If you would like to use Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, or some other CMS, shared hosting might be your very best alternative. 
  • Shared hosting is the cheapest, and it can be a perfect hosting package if you’re working on a limited budget. 
  • Starting small with shared hosting could be an ideal way to start, as most hosting companies will permit you to update as your site grows. 
  • You’re using WordPress as Your Own CMS. Regrettably, you can’t use different kinds of CMS using WordPress hosting. 
  • That you wish to handle a medium-sized site or online shop, wordPress hosting provides impressive bandwidth and speed for moderate to larger-sized sites.  
  • That you wish to control your site content, but not your site’s host safety. Supplying auto-updates, free automatic copies, in addition to enhanced server safety, WordPress hosting permits you to concentrate on your content rather than the technical host details.

Many site owners begin off with shared hosting. This offers you the capability to get your site live and accessible for people to see. As the cheapest hosting in the current market, shared hosting is generally the best alternative for smaller sites.

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