How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

by Prathamesh Gad
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How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing


If Are you interested to know how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing? Even if you do not have a blog or website.
So first things first, what exactly is affiliate marketing now? 

Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products and services in exchange for a small affiliate commission. 

That means if you promote a product on Amazon and if you’re a part of their affiliate marketing network, then you would stand to gain a commission each time someone buys a product from your affiliate link.

The next question that you’re probably wondering about is that does Pinterest allow affiliate marketing?

So the answer to this question is. Yes!

Pinterest does allow affiliate marketing. However, you need to follow some rules and regulations to ensure that you are not being blocked and suspended on Pinterest.

Even though Pinterest allows affiliate marketing, not all affiliate networks can directly affiliate links placed within the platform.
That means that depending on the affiliate network that you’re a part of or the products and items that you’re promoting along with which country you’re based in it.

Pinterest affiliate marketing

How do you Promote Affiliate Products on Pinterest?

That would come down to the affiliate network that you’re using. For example, Amazon does allow direct affiliate links on Pinterest in some countries.
So the thing that you need to check here is whether or not the affiliate market. 

You can put a direct link on Pinterest or not and whether or not your country has some specific requirements for affiliate marketing.

Another popular affiliate platform, such as Clickbank, allows links within Pinterest; However, not all links are allowed, depending on the product.

Look at the affiliate contract and see which platform you can promote the product on and see if Pinterest falls into one of those categories or not.

What exactly do you require to get started with Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog or Website?

An affiliate network is simply a marketplace where you can pick out the products and services you want to promote.
Some examples of this include Amazon associates, Clickbank, Share a sale, etc.

And then another thing that you’re going to require to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest on your own Pinterest account.

All you got to do is head to the Pinterest website and sign up for a free business account.

Right away, so let’s see exactly how this works in action now. You need to login to your affiliate marketing program, whatever you use. 

An affiliate marketing network with multiple categories to find products and services.

You want to join a certain category to click through the category and figure out what merchants or companies are promoting their products in that category.

For example, I log in to the Clickbank affiliate program, and  I want to join that category, then I’m going to go there and click on the join program.

First, I’m going to read the conditions related to that program and figure out whether I am eligible to apply for this program or not, and then see whether or not I want to join. you can see they have different conditions based on different categories, some of them will not allow you to use all channels, so for example you can see that there are some prohibited channels in this case.

as well, once you’ve read through to the agreement, you can go down fill in your details and then click on Join this program.
If you’ve decided that this is the right category fit for you, if not, then you can look around, browse through, and see what programs are going to be the right fit for your niche and your business.

Once you join the program, you can go on links and then you can go and get a link or banner,  To promote these links on Pinterest, you need to create a pin and upload it on these particular boards.

it would be best if you made a vertical pin with an image size is 1000 x 1500px, which has some text on it as well as a small description, so here is where we will add our affiliate marketing link.

So as you can see on Pinterest, I’m promoting a product here, which is on Clickbank.

pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog

And I already created a description of a pin and a pin title here; now, before you add the link, you want to make sure that you add a certain number of hashtags That disclose that it is an affiliate or a sponsored post to meet the FTC guidelines.
Now finally, to save this pin and to save it to your boards.

There are different types of links that you can promote, as well there are videos that you can promote, banners etc. I actually want it to be just a text link, so I’m going to a product page to get the code, and then I’m going to click on select URL only.

I’m going to copy-paste this selected URL, and then once this is done, I’m going to select the right board for this and save my pin to that particular board.
So let’s say that I have a board on Pinterest marketing. I’m going to save this pin to that board because that is the most relevant board.

To be promoting this pin on, and once you hit publish, you’ll be able to see it on your Pinterest profile and start making money from it.

Method number two for making money on Pinterest for affiliate marketing is with a website or a blog.

Now keep in mind some affiliate networks will only let you in if you have a website.
This means that there is an entry barrier to joining that affiliate network; now, this again depends on which affiliate marketing network you want to join.

Which niche it is in and which country it is in, as well, so make sure to figure out exactly which affiliate networks you want to join,which products you want to promote, and what are the conditions that you need to meet to join these affiliate networks.

The most reliable method for promoting affiliate links on Pinterest is by having your own website or blog.

And the reason why I say this is because when you have a landing page on your website or your blog, it is a safer link for pictures to promote versus promoting it directly to the product. Because Pinterest can be banned or suspend your account in future, it depends on the policies that frequently change within Pinterest.

As well if you’re serious about making money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing, I would highly recommend looking into getting a website.

If you keep in mind that it does not work as a direct link, it works in method number one.

So what you need to do here is to start creating specific blog posts that have affiliate links. Now, these blog posts can be anything, such as “how-to blogging”.
It can be a regular blog post of yours where you share content about a certain niche.

It can be a tutorial post, for example, if you’re doing a product review, and what you will do here is that you’re going to embed your affiliate links within these blog posts. Then you’re going to create pins on Pinterest, which will direct traffic to these particular blog posts.

Now there are multiple benefits to using this method

The first benefit is that you have a higher conversion rate when it comes to affiliate links because people usually want to have some pre-sale information instead of just buying the product directly.
Pinterest allow affiliate marketing

This means when you create helpful content which guides thatconsumer to figure out exactly how the product works and how that fits into their life. then you have a higher chance of converting them into a sale which means you have a higher chance of making an affiliate commission on that product, Also, not to mention the obvious reason that more links are allowed when you use this method.

When you use method number one, not all direct links will be acceptable by Pinterest either because of Pinterest policies or because of the affiliate network policies.

However, when you use your website, there’s a high chance that pretty much all of your links which are affiliate links, will be allowed, and you can drive traffic to them and convert them using Pinterest.
Whether you decide to use method number one or method number two, both of these methods require you to have a traffic strategy in place because if you don’t have an audience seeing these offers.

Whether they are direct offers directly sent to the product side or they’re offered sent to your blog or website. You do need to have some sort of audience which is seeing those offers in order actually to have conversions.

Let me know in the comments exactly which of these methods you’re going to try.


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